Orally Communicating the Gospel Cross-Culturally
Liz Li

Who knew simply telling Bible stories could be so effective?

 Getting the message of the gospel across cultures can often be trying. We as westerners mostly learn the Bible through reading it. However, many other eastern cultures have primarily relied on oral traditions over the years.

Also, most American Christians only understand the gospel from the perspective of “we are guilty sinners, so Christ died to make us whole and innocent.” Sadly, most cultures from the east can’t identify with that angle. In other countries, shame and honor are more important than innocence. 

So, what’s the solution to the problems presented?

In the following session, Roger Green addresses this issue. He talks about how and why bible storying is often key in teaching non-Western cultures the gospel. 

In this podcast

– Why bible storying is effective

– The emotional impact actual narration has

– Examples of how to effectively tell bible stories (stories about David)

– How to choose a bible story to tell

– “The Big Story” of Scriptures

– Knowing your audience’s background or worldview

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