Why Cities Matter
Liz Li

Why do cities matter to God, and therefore us?

In this podcast, Justin Buzzard from Garden City Church talks about how it isn’t actually about the city itself, but about people instead. Throughout the Bible, God’s Word shows how much He loves people. Consequently, for this session, the primary passage studied is Acts 17, and how Paul engaged the city of Athens.¬†

Buzzard highlights exactly what Paul did when he went to Athens to teach the people there about Jesus. He then goes on to talk about the parallel between the people of Athens and people today – many still worship idols, whether they be physical idols or aspirations, like success. He also points out the fact that regardless of where you live, whether it be in a large city or a small town, seeing a change in people’s hearts will take time.

In this podcast

– Where in the Bible cities are shown to matter

– Acts 17 and how Paul engaged the city of Athens

– Logistics and numbers on how many churches are needed to reach a certain city

– Discussion of what a city is exactly

– Identifying the kinds of idols that are worshipped in cities

РQ & A time with Justin 

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